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    Adding Content to a Cloud Playout Channel

    In this topic you will learn how add VOD items, live events, and playlists to your Cloud Playout Channel.

    Also see Adding Bumpers to Content for adding bumpers to VOD or live event items.


    Depending on how you configured your Cloud Playout channel, you can add content of various kinds. VOD content and playlists can be added to any channel. In addition, you can add live events if you configured the channel to support that. The following sections provide steps for adding each kind of content.

    Adding VOD content

    After you create your channel, or when you go to the channel details, the screen will show the channel settings:

    Channel Settings
    Channel Settings

    You can edit details, but the main next step is to add content to the channel.

    Add videos (VOD) steps

    1. Click Add Videos (If you are on the channel list page, click the channel name to open the channel settings page and then click Add Videos).
    2. Use Search to find videos you want. In addition to searching on general terms, you can also search by field and use a sign at the beginning of the search string to limit results to videos that match. The fields you can search on are name, tags, and custom_fields. For example:
      • +tags:bird
      • +name:"blue heron"
    3. Click the checkbox next to the videos you want to add to the channel.
      select videos
    4. Click Add Videos)
    5. Click Save.
    6. The program list for the channel will appear:
      Program List
      Program List

      Note that start and end times are automatically calculated from the video durations. You can drag and drop videos in the list to reorder them, and the start/end times will be automatically adjusted.

    Add playlists

    You can also import whole playlists into you channel. Note the following conditions:

    • You can import both EXPLICIT (manual) and smart playlists.
    • A snapshot of the playlist in its current state will be imported (meaning that future changes to the playlist will not be reflected in the channel contents).
    • Only one playlist can be imported at a time.
    • If the imported playlist contains a Live event, an identical new Live event with same name, description & duration will be created. This is because a Live event always shares an 1:1 relationship with the channel.
    • The videos in the playlist will be added to the end of the current channel program.
    • You can add VOD content as well as playlists, and duplicates are allowed.
    • There is a validation check on the total asset limit (100). If the import will exceed 100 asset limit, the import will fail.

    Add playlist steps

    1. Click Import Playlists.
    2. Click Import for the playlist you want to import.
    3. If messages appear indicating that some items in the playlist cannot be imported, click Proceed if you want to import the supported videos.
    4. Click Save.
    5. If the import was successful, you will see it in your program list:
      Program List with Playlist
      Program List with Playlist

    Add Live events

    Note: this only applies if the channel is enabled for live events.

    1. Click add live event
    2. In the Add Live Event dialog, enter the Name, Duration, and Description for the live event:
      Add Live Event
      Add Live Event

      Note that the minimum duration for a live event is 5 minutes, and the duration can be incremented or decremented in 5 minute intervals only - If needed the duration can be edited in-line on the textbox to adjust the granularity of time. The duration of a live event can be modified at any time, even while it is currently playing.

    3. After you add live events, they will appear in the program list along with VOD items:
      Program List
      Program List
    4. You can drag live events to reorder the list just as you can videos. You can also use the quick edit button to modify the duration of a live event.

    Reordering Videos

    Channels that are not running


    1. Click and drag the :: icon to the left of the thumbnail image and drag it to the desired location in the list.

    Channels that are running


    1. Click Edit Program.
    2. Click and drag the :: icon to the left of the thumbnail image and drag it to the desired location in the list.

    Page last updated on 09 Aug 2021