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    Overview: China Delivery

    In this topic, you will get a high-level overview about Brightcove's China Delivery feature.


    To help you reach a vast new market and significantly grow your e-commerce opportunity, Brightcove is excited to introduce the ability to deliver video into China through a partnership with global e-commerce giant Alibaba.

    Delivering video to China from outside the country is challenging due to regulations and controls. Historically, we provided a solution that allowed Brightcove services to distribute video content through a content delivery network within the country. However, essential communications, including Playback API requests and responses, and Analytics beacons were unreliable, and at times non-functional.

    Brightcove’s China Delivery solution addresses these problems and consists of two parts:

    • A proxy server hosted within China
    • A connected China-specific CDN

    The proxy routes non-video traffic (Playback API requests, Analytics beacons, and the web player itself) to and from viewers in China to Brightcove infrastructure located outside.

    The CDN is connected to the proxy and handles the video and image content.


    The following setup is needed to support Brightcove's China Delivery solution:

    1. Contact your account manager:

      • Make sure you have a Brightcove Enterprise account
      • Enable your account for China Delivery; This is a paid add-on to Video Cloud
    2. Configure a player for China Delivery. You can use either the Brightcove web player or the Native SDK players:

    3. Acquire a valid Internet Content Provider (ICP) license

      • An approved domain or subdomain name listed on the ICP license
      • A website for publishing players, hosted on the approved domain


    The following are known limitations with China Delivery:

    Current Limitations

    • Player configuration requires editing JSON and/or usage of the Player Management API; A “one-click” Player configuration via the Studio is intended for the future
    • The Brightcove Native Android SDK with support for China Delivery will be available in early Q3 2021

    Unsupported Features:

    • Brightcove Live Streaming and Cloud Playout are not supported
    • Dynamic Delivery Rules and Static URLs are not supported

    Player and SDK plugins can be used as normal but external services may be unreachable from within China, and Brightcove cannot provide support for them. These include:

    • DRM
    • Advertising (CSAI + SSAI)
    • Third-party Analytics services

    Page last updated on 28 May 2021