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    Creating Audio-Only Renditions for Low-Bandwidth Delivery

    If you are delivering video to low-bandwidth devices, such as mobile phones using mobile networks, consider creating a rendition for your videos that has no video track, only an audio track.

    For example, Apple recommends providing at least one stream at 192 kbps or lower bandwidth for HLS over cellular networks. This low-bandwidth stream could be audio-only or audio with a still image, but you should strive to have video in this stream.

    Creating audio-only renditions

    To create audio-only renditions, add an audio-only ingest profile to your account and then use either the Dynamic Ingest API or the Upload module in Video Cloud Studio. For details, see the Standard Ingest Profiles developer document.

    Once you have set your audio-only ingest profile, then every time you upload a video, whether you use the Upload module, or the Dynamic Ingest API, the video will include an audio-only rendition along with the other multi-bitrate renditions that are included in your ingest profile.

    Your existing video content will not automatically have an audio-only rendition. To create audio-only renditions for your existing videos, you need to re-encode them. See Retranscoding Videos using the Media Module.

    Delivering audio-only renditions

    When an audio-only rendition is played back on an Apple iOS device, the QuickTime player is displayed. In a Flash player, a black video display is shown.

    Page last updated on 28 Feb 2020