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Studio System Requirements

This topic provides information on the system requirements for Video Cloud Studio and Brightcove Player Studio.
  Operating System Browser[1]

Windows 10
Windows 8

Firefox - latest version
Chrome - latest version
Edge - latest version
Internet Explorer 11[2]


macOS 10.13 or newer

Firefox - latest version
Chrome - latest version
Safari - latest version

Devices iOS 10 or newer Safari - latest version
Chrome - latest version
  Android 7 or newer Chrome - latest version
  Chrome OS 70+ Chrome - latest version



[1] Older browser versions may still function. Brightcove does not test and verify full compatibility with all browser versions.

[2] When creating sites that use a Brightcove Player, desktop HLS is only supported on IE 10 and 11. IE 8 and 9 use MP4 fallback. IE's compatibility mode is not supported.

Page last updated on 11 Feb 2020