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    Video Cloud Basics: Creating a Playlist Player

    In this topic you will learn how to create a Brightcove Player that supports playlists.


    1. In the primary navigation, open the Players module.
    2. Click + Add player.
    3. Enter a Name and Short Description.
    4. Click Save.
    5. Click on the player name to open the player properties.
    6. Select a Player Type of Playlist and click Save.
    7. Click Styling in the left navigation menu.
    8. Select a Playlist Type:
      • Playlist (Vertical) - Playlist displays on the right side of the player.
      • Playlist (Horizontal) - Playlist displays on the bottom of the player.
      • Playlist (Hidden) - No playlist is displayed.
    9. When a Player Type of Playlist is selected, additional Playback properties can be configured. Click Playback in the left navigation menu:
      • Randomize play order - Videos will be played in a random order
      • Play video when selected - Clicking a thumbnail in the playlist menu will cause the video to play when loaded, even if the previous video in the player was paused
      • Continuous play mode - Videos will advance automatically and repeat indefinitely
      • Video Countdown - Only enabled when Continuous play mode is checked
        • Up next card (auto advance) - An up next card is displayed in the player
        • Up next endscreen (countdown) - An end screen countdown is displayed in the player
    10. Click Save to save changes.
    11. To publish the changes to the player, click Publish & Embed and then Publish Changes.

    Page last updated on 10 May 2022