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    Getting Started with Video Cloud Studio

    This topic provides an overview of the Video Cloud Studio interface and modules. Video Cloud Studio allows you to manage your video publishing workflow across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

    To access Video Cloud Studio, navigate to: Sign in with your email address and password. The home page provides the ability to:

    You can have a maximum of 5 sessions at any time. A session is initiated any time you log in with the same email address. Once a 6th session is started, the oldest session is invalidated. The Video Cloud Studio session timeout is 24 hours.

    Viewing system notifications

    The Video Cloud Studio header will display a bell icon when there are system notifications available. Clicking the icon will display the list of system notifications.

    The Video Cloud Studio header will display a warning icon when there are system issues. Clicking the icon will open the Brightcove System Status page.

    Managing settings

    The Video Cloud Studio settings menu can be accessed from the ADMIN menu. The Video Cloud ADMIN menu provides access to:

    • Account Information - View information about the current Video Cloud account
    • Manage Users - Manage the users who are authorized to use Video Cloud Studio
    • Account Settings - Configure general account settings
    • Upload Settings - Provides options to customize the Upload module
    • Ingest Profiles - Manage the ingest profiles in your Video Cloud account
    • Video Fields - Mark standard video fields as required and also view, create, and modify custom metadata fields for the account
    • Language Settings - Configure support for additional metadata languages
    • Media Sharing - Share videos to other accounts
    • Server-Side Ad Settings -
    • Player Settings - Provides the option of using basic user name and password authentication for access to the Player Management and Delivery System APIs
    • Integrations - Integrate Zoom meetings into Brightcove Live
    • Live Settings - Manage the settings used by the Live module
    • API Authentication - Create and manage API credentials
    • Billing - View billing information for the account

    Selecting an account

    If you have access to multiple Video Cloud accounts, the Video Cloud account selector can be used to select the Video Cloud account you want to access. To switch accounts, click on your name - account in the top right corner of Video Cloud Studio. The current account is indicated with a dot preceding the account name.

    Click the My Profile link to update your user information and password. For more information, see Managing Profile Information.

    Accessing modules

    The Video Cloud Studio menu provides access to the Studio modules. Access the menu by clicking HOME.

    Note that the modules that display are based upon your Video Cloud subscription and user profile.

    • Upload - Upload videos to your Video Cloud account
    • Media - Set video properties, organize videos using folders and publish videos
    • Analytics - View analytics on video and player performance
    • Players - Create and style players and generate publishing code for players
    • Live - Create and stream live events
    • Cloud Playout - Create live linear channels for videos
    • Gallery - Create video portals for your video content
    • Social - Distribute videos to social media accounts
    • Audience - Connects video analytics from Video Cloud to marketing automation platforms

    Viewing the dashboard

    The Video Cloud Studio home page displays the Video Cloud dashboard. The dashboard contains a series of "cards" which provide high level metrics on the videos in your account. The following cards are available:

    • Video Views - Displays number of video views per day for the time period selected. Clicking the See Video View Details link will open the Performance Report where you can view video performance.
    • Account Summary - Displays total number of videos and players in the account and the number of recently created and updated videos. Clicking on a number will open the Media or Players module.
    • Device Type - Displays type of devices used to watch videos for the time period selected. Clicking the See Video Views by Device Type link will open the Performance Report where you can view video performance by device type.
    • What's New? - Displays Video Cloud product updates. For a complete list of updates, see the Video Cloud Studio Release Notes.
    • Top Trending Videos - Displays videos with the most views for the time period selected. Clicking the card title link will open the Performance Report where you can view video performance.
    • Viewing Regions - Displays viewer locations for the time period selected. Clicking See Video Views by Country will open the Performance Report where you can view video views by country.


    The Video Cloud Studio language can be changed by changing the language in your profile. The following languages are supported:

    • English
    • Spanish (Spain)
    • Japanese
    • French (France)
    • Chinese (Traditional)
    • Korean

    For more information, see Managing Profile Information.

    Page last updated on 20 Apr 2021