Content: Library Breakdown and First Watched

In this topic, you will learn about the library breakdown and first watched metrics included in the Audience Insights data. These metrics will help you filter how engaged new trial users are with your content and provide details about your library consumption.


The library breakdown and first watched metrics allow you to quickly determine how engaged new trial users are with your content and give you insight into your library consumption. This information makes it possible to create strategies to drive engaging content and convert these new trial users into potential subscribers.

Library breakdown

Library breakdown helps compare the composition of your content library with its consumption, broken down by Genre or Type. Note that mismatches indicate opportunities to optimize your library.

Library Breakdown By
Library Breakdown By


Here are the actions that are available for this metric.

  • Click Overflow menu to download data as a CSV file.

    Download customer change data

First watched

The first watched metrics help you have a view of the content that was viewed first in the library.

Library Breakdown By
First watched

Review first watched data:

  • Title - Title of the content viewed
  • Audience size - Number of the audience size
  • Attention index -On a scale of -100 to 100 compares the number of dissatisfied viewers with the number who watch to at least 75% completion