Audience Insights Salesforce Integration Setup

Once a connected app has been created in Salesforce, a Salesforce publish integration can be added to the Audience Insights system. This topic will cover how to create that publish integration.


  • Must have a package that provide Data and Marketing Automation Platform connections or a package that provides access to Audience Engagement Insights or Audience Subscriber Insights (if you have not purchased Audience Insights, Contact Support to have them set up the integration for you)
  • Must be an admin for the Audience Insights account
  • Salesforce account
  • Salesforce Connected App set up: Salesforce Connected App Setup
  • Must be a Salesforce user with permissions to authorize access to a connected app

Add Publish Integration

To publish a Salesforce integration from audience insights, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Video Cloud Studio.
  2. Open the Integrations module.
  3. ClickCustomer Data Platforms
    integrations module
    Integrations module
  4. Click Add Integrations.
  5. Select Salesforce from the Destination dropdown.
    select sales force
    Salesforce Integration
  6. Fill out the form.
  7. Clicking Save will redirect you to Salesforce. If you are not logged in already, you will be prompted to log into Salesforce. There will be a prompt from within Salesforce asking you to authorize access for the application. If you accept, you will be redirected back to the scorecard.
    Authorize in Salesforce
    Authorize in Salesforce
    Integration Successful
    Integration Successful

Publish Manual Report

  • To use the newly added publish integration the user can manually publish a report.
    1. Generate a report from the Audience Insight scorecard UI and navigate to the Reports page:
    2. Reports Page
      Reports Page
    3. Click on the menu icon next for the report to manually publish. Select Publish to Salesforce.
    4. The report will first move into the sync pending state where it sync contacts, joining contacts based on their email hash:
      Publish Pending
      Publish Pending
    5. Then it will enter the publish state where it updates the contacts in Salesforce.
    6. Finally it will move to the completed state.