Engagement: Hours Viewed By

In this topic, you will learn about Insights data for engagement hours viewed by category. These metrics help obtain data related to the hours viewed for users.


Engagement hours allow you to quickly determine the engagement of the audience with the service provided. With this information, it's possible to obtain data related to the hours viewed by plan, channel, device, and viewing location.

Hours viewed by category

Hours viewed metrics allow you to see the hours viewed by Plan, Channel, Device, and Viewing Location.

In the Hours Viewed By section, click the Device button to select a category for your reporting data.

Select week time span

When you click the following options, different charts will be displayed.

  • Plan

    Hours viewed by plan
  • Device

    Hours viewed by device
  • Viewing location

    Hours viewed by location


Here are the actions that are available for this graph.

  • Click Expand Icon to download data as PNG image or PDF.

    Download customer change data
  • Click Expand Icon to zoom in or out the graphic.