Managing Viewer Data

In this topic you will learn how to manage viewer data in the Campaign module.

The manage viewer data option allows you to search for a user and then either remove that user or export that user's data.

To manage viewer data, follow these steps.

  1. Open the Campaign module.
  2. Click Manage Viewer Data in the left navigation.
  3. Enter the user to search for. Typically this will be one of the following values:
    • Email - When using Campaign tracking and a Campaign lead form is used or with SSO integrations
    • User ID - When using SSO or custom integrations
    • Custom GUID - For anonymous users
    • External GUID - When a MAP integration is being used
    export lead data
  4. If a match is found, select an action:
    • Delete Viewer Data - Remove viewing and lead data for the user
    • Export Viewer Data - Export the lead and view event data for the user. The lead data will contain the data that was entered into a Campaign lead form. The view event data contains all of the view events for the viewer.
    export lead data