Brightcove Ad Insights

In this topic, you will learn how advertising insights can help you optimize your ad monetization plans.


Ad insights help you understand the impact of your ad monetization on your audience's engagement.

Ad insights will show the relationships between ad frequency/intensity and session length/frequency to help customers understand the most effective ad loads.

Ad insights are integrated with video delivery, and analytics. These insights include:

  • Ad Tolerance:

    Informs your ad strategy about factors that could reduce abandonment.


Ad insights are available to Media Video Cloud customers at no extra charge. Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable your account.


To be able to collect data from Ad Insights, you must:

  • Have the basic ad configuration integrated with our Brightcove Player v6.x and above. For more information about the plugins and the setup for advertisement, see here.
  • If a Non-BC player is being used, or the player used doesn't have the basic ad configuration, you need to instrument the player with the ad_mode_begin and ad_mode_end events. For more information about these events see Data Collection API Reference.
  • Be a customer who purchased Ad Monetization or Media Studio Premium.

Once your account is enabled for Ad Insights, you will find them in the Analytics module in Studio.

  1. Open Video Cloud Studio.
  2. In the primary navigation, click Analytics.
  3. In the panel navigation, click Insights.
Ad insights
Ad insights

Time range

Use time range to filter the data displayed in the charts below.

Click the time range selector, set to 3 months by default. The time range selection will impact all the charts below.

Time range selector
Time range selector

Usage Trends helps you understand how your audience is engaged with monetized content.

The left axis of the chart describes the total hours watched by new users, engaged users, and the ad hours watched, while the right axis of the chart follows the yellow line, which indicates the average session duration.

Usage Trends chart intends to show the relationship between the time the viewers are dedicating to your content and how monetization could influence their return and session duration.

Ad Consumption
Ad Consumption


Usage Trends:

  • ALL - Filter by all the parameters
  • Video type - Type of video
  • Device model type - Type of device model
  • Genre - Genre watched
  • Device os - Operating system of the device


  • Hours - Hours watched
  • Ad pods - Ad breaks with one or more ads shown in a sequence

Data view

  • Ads - Ad minutes watched
  • New user viewing - New engaged users watching
  • Engaged viewing - Content minutes watched
  • Average Session Duration - Average duration of each session

Content Trends help track advertising affectiveness.

Ad rates
Ad rates

VOD Completion Rates

Track your content completion rates filtering by content duration.

AVOD Completion Rates
VOD Completion Rates


VOD Completion rates by:

  • Engaged Views
  • Hours watched
  • Audience size
  • Pod duration

Data view

The y-axis of this chart shows the percentage of viewers that remained watching the content. This chart provides information on when the audience is dropping out and is normalized based on content duration.

AVOD Completion Rates
Content Duration

The following charts explain each one of the categories in detail:

AVOD Completion Rates
Categories Chart


  • Attention index - Average how long the user remained
  • Attention index (mon) - Attention index for monetized content
  • Monetization rate - Number of views that have been successfully monetized for this category
  • Ad minutes/hour - Ad minutes versus hours
  • Pods/hours - Number of ad pods per hour

Ad minutes by

  • Top genres - Most popular genres
  • Top titles - Most popular titles
  • Pod duration - Ad pod duration in seconds