Brightcove Video Editor

In this topic, you will learn how to edit and transform your media content using the Brightcove Video Editor.
This editor is ideal for a variety of short form use cases.

Welcome to the Editor

Video Editor Permissions

The Brightcove Video Editor is available for all users by default. You can edit a standard user and grant or remove their access by following the next process:

  1. Navigate to the Admin Module
  2. Select the user in question
  3. Check the Video Editor feature

  4. Click Save

Using the Correct Ingest Profile

To use the Brightcove Video Editor, your video should have MP4 renditions.
There are multiple ways to achieve this:

A. Upload a video with the Video Editing-MP4 Ingest profile:

When uploading your video, select the Video Editing-MP4 ingest profile.

B. Adding MP4 renditions to existing ones:

To add the necessary MP4 renditions needed to work with the editor for an existing asset, please use the Create MP4 button.

  1. Navigate to the Media module.
  2. Select the video you would like to work with.
  3. Scroll down to the Video Files section and click Create MP4

  4. Select Video Editing-MP4 as your ingest profile

  5. Click Create

C. Retranscoding your video:

You can retranscode an existing video with a profile that generates MP4 renditions. Video Editing-MP4 is our recommended profile for editing purposes.

However, this will wipe out any existing renditions and create new ones, which may impact videos that are already published live on your site with HLS/Dash. Learn more about re-transcoding here.

Using a template

You may create new videos from scratch or use one of the numerous templates available. You can use templates for horizontal, vertical, and square aspect ratios.

To create a new video, follow the next steps:

  1. Navigate to the Media module.
  2. Open the Add video dropdown menu.

  3. Select Create with Editor

  4. Select the template you want to use.

    If you want to create a video from scratch, select the blank template. If you prefer to use an existing template, Select one of the other existing templates instead.

  5. Once you have made your desired changes, click Process & add to library

Editing an existing video

To start editing an existing video, follow the next steps:

  1. Navigate to the Media module.
  2. Select the video you would like to work with.
  3. Click Open in Editor

  4. Click Continue
  5. By following this process, you'll be able to interact with the video editor.

  6. Once you have made your desired changes, click Process & add to library

Some of the features that have been added to the Brightcove video Editor are:

  • Add an image or video asset

    This process will let you add a video or image asset to a Scene

    • Click the Replace Button

    • In the Videos library tab, you can upload assets from your video library.
      Search the Creative tab for stock images and videos, or submit your files from the Uploads tab.
    • Crop the added video to match your desired length, and click Apply
    • Once you have a video asset uploaded, you can click the icon to mute the audio or the icon to crop the video

  • Crop a video

    This process will let you display only a selected part of a video asset

    • Click the Icon

    • Select the video section that you desire in your timeline, and click Apply

    Record a voiceover

    With this feature, you will be able to add a voiceover recording to your video.

    1. Click Record

    2. Select your microphone and Click Start Recording

    3. Once you are done, Click Stop Recording

    4. Enter a name and Click Save

  • Change layout

    These layouts allow you to show different types of overlays on the screen and modify the text that you want to present with them.

    • Click the Layout Button to select a different layout for your scene.
  • Add Scenes

    Here, you can add multiple additional scenes to your video.

    • Click the + sign to add a new scene.
  • Change aspect ratio

    Here, you can change the aspect ratio of your video.

    • Click your desired view to change the aspect ratio.
  • Change styling

    In this section, you can customize the look and feel of your video to match your brand.

    • Click the Video Style button to change the look of your video.

    • You'll be able to change both the font and the color scheme.

  • Crop and change color

    Click to apply another color combination to a particular scene.

    Click to crop and select what you would like to showcase in your scene.

  • Add Music

    Here, you can add music to your video.

    • Click Music

    • Search for the music you would like to add and click Select

Additional Notes

  • When you leave an editing session, the system will save a draft for you, which you may recover from Video Cloud.
  • If you were editing an existing video, you would see that asset in Draft status. When you publish it, a new asset will be created, and the original will remain the same.
  • If you were editing from a template, your draft will lack complete Video Cloud functionality until the final video is published.
  • A first user must publish or discard a draft before a second user can edit that same asset.