Looping Back in a Video

In this topic you will learn how to loop back over a section of a video.

Looping back over a section of video is a great way to ensure customer interaction. With a loop back, a section of the video will play in a loop until the viewer clicks on something. This technique is commonly used with a branching experience. For example, if you have 30 seconds of ambient music on a branching menu (as opposed to just pausing the video or having silence while the viewer makes a decision) you can have the menu loop back if the viewer doesn't make a choice by the end of the 30 seconds. This is a more "viewer friendly" approach vs. just automatically going onto the first branch if the viewer doesn't make a choice.

Follow these steps to look back in a video.

  1. Create a text, image, or link annotation.
  2. Click the Edit menu on the annotation.
  3. Click Link.
  4. Click the BEHAVIOR tab.
  5. In the Action to take if the viewer doesn't click dropdown, select Loop Back.
  6. Click SAVE.