Ingest SCTE-35

This topic covers how to ingest SCTE-35 directly into CloudPlayout via RTP.

Channel creation

To create an SSAI + RTP Live Input channel, follow the next steps:

  1. Navigate to the Cloud playout module.
  2. Click Add New
  3. Enable Ad Insertion and Live Input.
  4. Enter the rest of your channel information and click Create Channel

Channel details

To review the channel details, Select the channel in question.

Adding a live event

  1. To add a live asset to the playlist, Select the Program Items tab and Click Add Live Event.

  2. After entering the details, Click Save to create the Live asset.

Additional information

  • Live Input for SSAI channels is supported.
  • Cloud Playout SSAI channels accept RTP PUSH as an input source feed.
  • With a push input, the upstream system must push the video source to the input when starting the channel. The upstream system does not need to be pushed before then.
  • SCTE-35 cue points are supported in RTP inputs.
  • All the SCTE-35 messages from the input are passed through to the output.
  • All SCTE-35 messages are expected to have the spliceTime and breakDuration.