Adding a Drawing to a Video

In this topic you will learn how to add a drawing to a video.

The Interactivity module provides the ability to add drawings to videos. Drawings can be displayed on videos during video playback. For example, drawings can be used to draw attention to a certain element on a slide or highlight a specific part of an image in eLearning and training videos.

Before you get started

Before you can add interactivity to a player, you need an Interactivity-enabled Brightcove Player and you need to make sure an Interactivity project has been created. For information on how to do this, see Getting Started with Video Interactivity.

Adding a drawing

Follow these steps to add a drawing to a project:

  1. Login to Video Cloud Studio.
  2. Open the Interactivity module.
  3. Create a new project or click on a project Title to open it.
  4. Play the video to the point where the drawing should display.
  5. In the bottom toolbar, click on the drawing icon.
  6. In the menu, click on a pen icon to select a pen (). The pen will control the thickness and style of the line.
  7. Click on a color to select a line color.
  8. Use the mouse to draw/highlight a section of the video.
  9. Click Done.
  10. Click the Start Time menu.
  11. Enter a Start time in seconds, as a percentage or in time format. This example sets the start time to the 75% point of the video. Click SAVE.
  12. Click the clock icon to set the duration of the overlay. Click SAVE.
  13. Click Done.
  14. Click Embed.
  15. Click Preview, play the video and confirm that the drawing appears.