Ingest Profiles Best Practices

This topic provides guidance on creating custom ingest profiles.

How many profiles should I have?

You may define up to 200 custom profiles. However, you should generally create only as many as you need, in order to avoid confusion when selecting profiles for ingestion jobs.

How do I manage my profiles?

You can use the Ingest Profiles Management page in Studio to manage your ingest profiles. A variety of options are available within this interface including:

  • Setting your default profile
  • Creating new profiles
  • Cloning from existing profiles
  • Editing custom profiles
  • Removing unneeded profiles

If you need programmatic access to your ingest profiles, you can create, read, update, and delete custom profiles using the Ingest Profiles REST API. Note that this requires you to set up OAuth credentials.

How do I update my profiles?

See the section above.

How many renditions can a profile have?

A Dynamic Delivery profile can have up to 37 renditions. Note that for custom Dynamic Delivery profiles, you can only select the pre-defined renditions that are currently available.

If you are making a custom Context Aware Encoding profile, min_renditions has a minimum values of 1, and max_renditions has a maximum value of 15.

Naming custom profiles

Custom profile names should not include spaces or special characters. Use letters and numbers, and replace spaces with dashes (-) or underscores (_).

To avoid user errors, try to name profiles in a way that will clearly communicate to the people who upload videos what the profile should be used for.

What profile should I set as default?

Any standard or custom profile can be set as the default either in Studio or through the Ingest Profile API. The default will only be used if the user does not specify a particular profile (either in the Upload module or using the Dynamic Ingest API).

We recommend that you set the default profile to one that would not be a very bad choice if the user forgets to specify a particular profile.