Choosing a Favorite Player

In this topic, you will learn about choosing a new favorite player.


This feature allows you to set a favorite player, which is selected by default whenever you publish a video. Setting up a favorite player ensures this player is prioritised every time a video is published.

favorite player

Set Up Favorite Player

    To Set Up your favorite player, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Video Cloud.
  2. In the left navigation, click Admin.

  3. In the Admin module, click Player Settings.

  4. Notice there is a section for Favorite Player. In this section, you can select your favorite player to be displayed at the top of the players' list when you are publishing a video. After selecting a player, click Save.

Default Favorite Player

Now, when you are publishing a video, your favorite player is selected by default.


You can also see your favorite player marked by a Star in the Players module.


Deleting a Favorite Player

When trying to delete a Favorite Player, you will encounter this alert:


To delete this player, you need to select a different Favorite Player and try again.