Overview of Video Content Types

In this topic you will learn about the Video Content Types that are available.

By default, Brightcove Campaign™ is configured so that videos will have an additional video property, Video Content Type. With this property enabled, Brightcove can compile your analytics with those of similar videos and provide more robust analytics that includes Brightcove's Video Benchmark Score (VBS) and customized advice. This allows you to, for example, compare how your "how to" video is doing compared to other users "how to" videos. This information appears on the Dashboard page.

Available Video Content Types

A Video Content Type can be assigned to a video when uploading, on the main Videos page or by using the video properties page. The table below outlines the Video Content Types that are available inside Brightcove Campaign.

Video Content Type Description
Brand/Company Promotion Non-product specific videos that describe a company’s mission or values.  These videos often have high production value.
Product Overview Videos that focus on a specific product and how it benefits a consumer/user. These videos assume that viewers have not used the product previously. These videos don’t delve into how to configure or operate a product but show the product benefits in broad terms.
Product Details and Use Videos that show the viewer how to accomplish specific tasks within a product. This may include configurations or step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish a task.
Testimonial Testimonial videos include non-employees discussing the benefits of engaging with a product, service or company.
Event Promotion Videos that promote a conference, meetup, or online gathering. Videos that recap what happened at an event.
Company Culture Videos that attempt to showcase the people and values of a company. These videos include on-site footage and interviews with employees.
Webinar Online meeting videos in which a host presents a discussion on a topic that usually includes an opportunity for feedback from the audience.


Videos that include a speaker delivering expert advice or research as part of thought leadership efforts.