Integration Spotlight: Braze

In this topic you will learn about Braze, this integration allows you to automate customer contact.

About Braze

Braze offers a full platform of multi-channel CRM tools that enables their customers to automate customer contact to drive conversion, improve engagement, and reduce churn.

Category: CRM & Marketing

Integration overview

With this integration, you can automatically sync user records from Audience Insights directly into Braze. With every hashed user ID, Brightcove includes information about tenure, subscription plan, content consumed, devices used, geography of views, engagement status, and more.

In addition, it's easy to segment users by user attributes like tenure, engagement status, viewing frequency, and content consumption. Segment tags are appended to each user record that matches the segment's criteria. These can be used for performing more targeted automated or ad hoc campaigns.

What it means

If you are using or plan to use Braze for customer campaigns, Brightcove can help to improve this effort. Brightcove provides exports of hashed subscriber IDs that include important context about the user's experience. With the ID, Brightcove appends fields from our customer data platform that leverage our harmonization of subscriber data, content metadata, visit & viewing analytics, and 3rd party app store data. This data enables specific targeting based on engagement frequency, intensity, content consumed, devices used, etc.