Publisher Insights: Content

In this topic, you will learn about the Content tab for Publisher insights.


This tab is designed to tailor your reporting data, understand audience engagement, and optimize content based on key metrics.

Concurrent Viewers by

Content Period

On the Insights section, click the week button to select the specific date for your reporting data.

Select week time span

By clicking the following tabs the different options to retrieve data will be displayed:

  • Rolling
    Print report
  • To date
    Print report
  • Last complete
    Print report

Popular content metrics allow you to quickly determine how engaged your audience is with your content. With this information, it is possible to visualize all the content attracting the viewers' attention, making it possible to collect the hours viewed and the views of the videos.

Popular content by

Popular content by metric allows you to see views and hours viewed of the most famous content broken down by title, series, genre, channel, and sport.


Quickly view a summary of popular content by data.

Popular content by
Popular content by

Review popular content data:

  • Legend - Representation of entries on the plotted area of the popular content by graph
  • Hours viewed - Range of hours viewed per subscriber


Here are the actions that are available for this graph.

  • Click Overflow menu to download data as a CSV file or a PNG image.

    Download customer change data
  • Select a date range for your data.

    Date range
  • Select the x-axis granularity to be Day, Week or Month.

    X-axis granularity
  • Check Auto adjust to automatically change the x-axis dimension to day.
  • Select Auto adjust to automatically change the data by hours viewed or video views.
  • Hover over the legend section to see the specific data for each content listed.


Milestones track progress against your decisions and are persistent throughout each tab of the Scorecard.

Customer summary scorecard


Here are the actions that are available for the milestones section.

  • Click Expand Icon to add a new milestone.

    Download customer change data
  • Click Overflow menu to delete or edit a milestone.

    Download customer change data
  • Click Overflow menu to select which views to show.

    Download customer change data

Key metrics

The key metrics provide and unified view of your content data.

Customer summary scorecard
Key metrics

Review key metrics data:

  • Percent library viewed - Percentage of videos of your library watched
  • Percent viewers watching new content - Percentage of viewers who may or may not be subscribed who are watching the new content
  • Avg attention index - Average of the number of dissatisfied viewers, who watch at least 1 minute of the video but do not get to at least
  • Percent active bingers - Percentage of users who has watched three or more episodes of the same series in a 24 hour period


  • Click Overflow menu to download data as a CSV file.
    Download customer change data

Viewing by Day Part

Viewing by Day Part reflects the local time that a viewer consumed content, grouped by the time of day when the view occurred. If a view stretches across multiple day parts, that view will be counted in each of the day parts it spans.

Values are estimations based on random viewer sampling. For viewer populations of more than 30,000, statistics are projected from a random sampling of viewer behaviour. 30,000 viewers ensures a margin of error less than 1%.

Content Summary By

This chart allows you to track your top 100 most popular titles, categories, and content duration based on views during the selected time period.

VOD Completion Rates by

Track your content completion rates filtering by content duration.

The y-axis of this chart shows the percentage of viewers that remained watching the content. This chart provides information on when the audience is dropping out and is normalized based on content duration.

Top Categories

Categorize your content