Publisher Insights: Trending

In this topic, you will learn about the Trending tab for Publisher insights.


The trending tab contains a dynamic snapshot of your platform's most current and engaging content. This feature brings together key metrics to help you understand and capitalize on the latest trends, ensuring your audience remains captivated.

Concurrent viewers by

This first chart displays the concurrent viewers in the past hour.

To select a differrent view, Click Add to select between All, VOD, or Live Concurrent viewers.

Top titles

The Top Titles chart aims to display hourly data for the last 24 hours of top-performing content.

This data shows how well specific content retains viewers and encourages them to explore more content on the platform from a publisher's perspective.

Engagement peaks

The Engagement Peaks data tracks content performance over the time period immediately after release. It aims to identify specific times and events that lead to spikes in engagement, such as breaking news or special events.

Click Content Duration to select engagement peaks by Category, Top titles, and Content duration.

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